Frequently Asked Questions

What should I knit?

Beanies are always popular and much needed, this year we encouraging people to knit blankets too as there is a real shortage of these at many NICU’s. Blankets should be roughly 100cm x 60cm.

Other tiny clothing, booties and items will also be welcomed. Details on wool/yarn requirements below.


Where can I find free premmie knitting patterns?

Premmie items need to be small and there are many free patterns available online.




What type of wool should I use?

Machine washable wools are fine to use. Acrylic-wool blend or 100% acrylic yarns are also suitable.


I don’t know how to knit, how can I support the Premmie Knitting Club?

The pattern in the KidSet 'Bijoux Beanie' Knitting Kits is great for beginners. These will be available to purchase shortly and KidSet has video tutorials to help you complete the beanies.

If you aren’t interested in learning to knit but want to support, you can donate via Givealittle. Please note, the funds will be donated to the North Shore Hospital SCBU premmie unit.


Where will the knitted items be donated to?

We will be donating most of the New Zealand knitted items to the SCBU premmie unit at North Shore Hospital. Australian knits will be donated to a local Sydney NICU.


Where do I send the knitted items to once they are made?

Please send these to ATTN: Courtney Bennett/Premmie Knitting Club, Benefitz, 2 Parkway Drive, Rosedale, 0632 Auckland, New Zealand.

I will be collecting until June 25th 2018 so it would be great if you could send them before that date.


I am Australia based and want to support, how do I do that?

You can either knit your own items or buy a kit, the kits will be sent out to Australia based people in May.  Please contact me for an Australian postal address for sending the completed knitted items to.

All Australian knits will be donated to a NICU in Sydney, Australia.