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Courtney's story

I was born premature nearly 29 years ago and spent the first four months of my life in the NICU at National Womens Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. My parents made sure I understood from a young age how life changing the support of the Doctors, Nurses and support staff are for premmies and their families.

Ever since I was young, I've always wanted to give back and help the NICU since they helped my family and I so much.  In 2016, I put out a call for knitters to knit for the NICUs at Auckland Hospital and North Shore Hospital, we collected over 130 little beanies, blankets, booties and other knitted items.

I realized there was a tribe of amazing people out there willing to help... family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues and even people I had never met but who love to knit, some wanted a cause to knit for, while others had a personal connection to the NICU.

This year, I am organizing the Premmie Knitting Club appeal and hoping to donate even more knitted items to premmies in NZ. In addition, I am also collecting items in Australia (where I am currently living) to be donated to a NICU in Sydney.

I am so grateful for the support and I love hearing all the stories about other people's personal connections to the NICU so  please get in touch if you have a question or you’d like more information.

Thank you,


About Courtney

I’m a Premmie born in 1990, I work in Marketing and Communications for a large Professional Services Firm in Sydney, Australia. In my spare time, I interview Millennials doing cool things for my website Livelihood.

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